Month: January 2022

Affair infidelity

Obsession After an Affair

Finding out about your partner’s infidelity can cause shocks that can at least temporarily break all trust. In some cases, PTSD-like symptoms can emerge. The natural thing to do is follow up with frequent checks of your partner’s email, internet history, phone bills, etc. Whether this is a good idea depends on your unique situation …

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5 love languages

The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages are detailed in a book by the same title by Gary Chapman (Chapman, 2015). The current cost for the paperback is $7.57 on Amazon. Chapman found that there are five principal ways couples give and receive love. Couples typically do not have the same top two love languages, which can both …

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Couple fighting

How Much Fighting Is Normal?

How much fighting is normal, and when is it too much? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Growing up, I saw my parents argue maybe five times. Of course, they had things to fight about, but they kept them inside or made a strong effort not to fight in front of my brothers and me. …

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