March 2022


What is Your (my) Success Rate?

Measuring Counselor Success A client recently asked me a question I had not heard before. They asked, “What is your success rate?” I could not give a clear answer. The best evidence I have are anonymous surveys. The surveys I have received are overwhelmingly positive, but in fairness, fewer than 2% of clients choose to …

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Complex trauma PTSD

How Complex Trauma Creates Connection Problems

Early childhood trauma can lead to future difficulties with relationships. One technique for addressing negative patterns that result from trauma is the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM). NARM points to environmental failures as sometimes leading to later problems connecting with a partner. NARM brings nervous system regulation into clinical practice (Heller & LaPierre, 2012). This type …

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Relationship Advisor

Finding a Relationship Advisor

It is generally a misnomer that the primary job of a counselor is to give advice and be a relationship advisor. Some say counselors should never give direct advice, while we believe it is an advanced skill to be used with caution. After all, you are the experts of your own life, and you have …

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