Marathon therapy

5 Reasons to Try Marathon Couples Therapy

  1. You want quick results. Some couples can’t afford to wait several months to experience long-lasting results. Marathon couples therapy can help couples find results in a couple of days as opposed to weeks or months.
  2. Your problem can’t wait for weekly sessions. Perhaps there has been a recent discovery of an affair. Your marriage or relationship may need immediate help.
  3. It may be more convenient for your schedule. Rather than trying to make time for multiple appointments, drive to multiple appointments, etc., it may be more convenient to try immersive, intensive, marathon therapy.
  4. You want to force yourself to make a commitment. Many couples stop going to therapy as soon as they start seeing results. Many of them come back in a few months. It’s easy to become busy or to hope you have learned a few things to make your relationship better. It is also easy to fall back into old paths if you haven’t met all of your relationship goals and learned how to maintain your progress.
  5. You can build momentum quickly. John Gottman commented that some of his couples have told him they come to therapy and fight, take the rest of the week to recovery from it, and then come back to fight again. He now only does marathon therapy sessions. The momentum a couple can build can be strong and lasting.

5 Reasons Marathon Couples Therapy May Not be for You

  1. Both partners are not interested. Marathon couples counseling is a commitment, so if you aren’t both “excited” to give it a whirl, it may not be the best use of your time.
  2. It’s not affordable for you to make a large upfront payment. This is completely understandable. Every couple should look at their own budget and determine what makes sense. Individual sessions that are spread out may make more sense financially.
  3. You have strong doubts about whether it will work for you. Maybe you have tried couples therapy in the past and it didn’t produce the results you wanted. Maybe you have never tried it, and are unsure if you will get the outcome you desire. It may make more sense to try individual sessions, at least in the beginning, to determine if couples therapy is right for you and that you have the right counselor fit.
  4. One or both of you have personal issues to work on first. It is common for those in couple therapy to also be in individual therapy. If you are still working on personal issues that impact your relationship, you may not be ready for marathon therapy. Some issues that appear personal may be most effectively treated through couples counseling, however.
  5. You are not sure you need 15 hours of therapy. While this number has shown to be effective in many cases, perhaps you just need to work on one problem that will take less time through individual sessions. You also may not have a sense of urgency due to a relatively healthy relationship.
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