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Aaron Engel

Perhaps a romantic relationship has lost its spark? Maybe fighting occurs more than fun times together. These things can add up to make life and relationships seem difficult. Perhaps you aren’t communicating well, or there is a lack of trust. Maybe you feel more like roommates than lovers. You may be wondering what happened to what you once had.

I have experience helping people with these and other couples’ and individual concerns and have seen clients exceed their expectations through therapy. My style is organized and prepared yet flexible and adaptable. I try to foster a relaxed and non-judgmental collaborative atmosphere. Where clients need a high degree of direction and don’t know what they want, I’m happy to assist. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Ohio. I believe in treating clients like family. You deserve to be seen soon, so I keep slots available. You deserve to be heard and understood.

As a Columbus, Ohio, marriage counselor, I find my work with couples particularly rewarding when they can work together towards shared goals and repair a partnership that was once on the brink of fallout Sometimes, couples want pre-marriage counseling or help to navigate an amicable separation or divorce. Communication is almost always a concern (but usually a result of underlying issues). Many men are apprehensive about couples and marriage counseling, but working with a male counselor can sometimes alleviate those concerns. One doesn’t need to “need” couples therapy; couples can often benefit the most by being proactive. Sometimes, the couple will not attend together, but individual sessions can help the relationship.

My strong work ethic, degree of commitment, integrity, and friendliness allow me to foster a warm and welcoming therapeutic atmosphere. In addition, I view myself as a product of my father’s logical, engineering mind and my mother’s creative, design-oriented skill set – a combination that informs my approach to mental health counseling. People tell me I am down to earth, and my calm style is relatable to almost anyone. I give back to the community in part by being an Executive Committee member of the Central Ohio Counseling Association (COCA).

As the owner of Cardinal Point Counseling, I take great pride in bringing my best to every session. Counseling is not just a job but a passion. I strive to make every aspect of the practice, from the big picture to the smaller details, run well. I will say if you are looking for perfection, I (nor anyone else) is right for you. I am a Licenced Professional Counselor (LPC) and work under the professional supervision of Lesley Cross LPCC-S.

I am happily married with two kids. My marriage has been the best training I could have received to be a couples therapist. It helps me to realize that I often fail to do some of the things that I suggest. It helps me to empathize with clients when everything isn’t working exactly right. Talking about what works and actually getting in the habit of doing it consistently are two different things for most couples. The good news is that there are many techniques I can offer that have been effective for many couples. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, exercising, playing Pickleball, and being outside. I was chosen for the Best Marriage Counselors in Dublin, Ohio award.

Gallup StrengthFinder Strengths: Empathy, Individualizualization, Achiever, Learner, Futuristic

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As pertains to discernment counseling (at least one person is leaning toward divorce or separation)

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