Couples counseling homework

Couples Counseling and Homework

Clients sometimes ask if they will have homework as part of the couples counseling process. In one sense, the answer is always yes. Practicing what you learn in therapy is key to improvement. However, this type of homework is less prescriptive and is designed to happen naturally through your interactions. Another form of assignment includes …

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Fix my partner

I Need You To Fix My Partner

The statement “I need you to fix my partner” comes up in couples counseling more than you might think. It is much easier for us to see faults in others than in ourselves. I have not seen a couple where one person was perfect, and the other was entirely flawed. Some couples are competitive and …

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The Importance of Compromise

For some couples, being right is much more important than coming to an understanding or solving a problem. What may start out as a small disagreement can turn ugly if neither partner is able to validate the side of the other, even if only partially. This behavior can also increase as relationships or marriages go …

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