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Cardinal Point Welcomes Jordin Maria

Cardinal Point Counseling is pleased to welcome Jordin Maria. She is available to see clients starting 6/12/2023. Jordin was hired for her experience and natural counseling skills that cannot be easily taught. She is warm, compassionate, and hard-working. Counseling isn’t just a job to her but a real passion. She does couples counseling but brings …

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Live in the present

Living in the Moment

“Living in the moment is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” Fictional Ted Lasso on Apple TV Much has been written about living in the moment to combat anxiety. A former martial arts instructor wisely used to advise us not to wish our lives away. How many of us can’t wait for …

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Attachment in humans

What Does Attachment Come From?

However you believe life started, the desire for attachment is in our genes. We want attachment as soon as we leave the womb. Before infants can learn they want attachment, they already start forming bonds. Ancient humans needed attachment to stay safe, reproduce, and survive (and to a lesser extent, so do most of us). …

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