Cathy Dye

Cathy Dye, MSW, LSW

Relationship struggles cause us to feel more like roommates than partners. Trauma leaves us feeling broken, damaged, and disconnected from our true selves. Most teenagers have normal struggles, but that doesn’t make them easy to cope with. You’re someone who wants assistance but still find yourself having a difficult time committing to therapy, feeling down and anxious and depressed. But you’re ready to make a change. You’re ready to improve your relationship or life. Most of all, you’re ready to be happy again. I want to help you get there.

I specialize in working with clients struggling with relationships, trauma, and teen issues. Clients come to me looking for a therapist who is warm and passionate about your success, because therapy should be a place where you feel comfortable. Sessions with me are individualized to match your specific goals. I will work under professional clinical supervision.

I’ll meet you where you are on your unique journey and offer you the support you need to thrive and grow. A life where you are happy again is possible. You don’t have to continue with the status quo, and you don’t have to do it alone. Call today or schedule online for a free brief consultation or paid appointment. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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