Marathon Therapy intensive

Marathon Therapy

Weekly Sessions are not for Everybody

You feel like it’s difficult to make weekly or every other week appointments. By the time you drive to a session and back, it has taken two hours rather than one. You may need more immediate help. You may be very healthy and the summer is a good time to “get it over with.”. You’ve tried individual sessions, and you seem to go home and forget what worked so well in therapy. Marathon couples therapy may be for you.

“All they do in therapy is fight, it takes them the rest of the week to recover, and then they come back in a week and fight again.”

You may need to get a babysitter. You may live a good distance away. Work could get in the way. You may wait too long in between sessions such that it takes the next session to recap what happened weekly. Many people find it difficult to go through a long-term program when they can accomplish most of their goals in a week or two. You may find yourself in an emergency situation that doesn’t allow you to wait several months to see full results.

How Marathon Therapy Works

Do you ever go to a therapy session and a new topic comes up with five minutes to go? Do you ever feel like you are just getting to a possible solution and time is up? Intensive marathon therapy involves two six-hour days within one week of focused therapy. It involves primarily meeting together but also sometimes meeting individuals. Ten-minute breaks are given every 50 minutes, and the specific six hours of the day are up to you. Just like in individual therapy, the time is individualized to you. There will be an agenda, but it can change on the fly as needed. There is plenty of time for deep discussion and fun games.

Many couples have had much success after just two partial days.

Common Questions

Can marathon intensive therapy be done via telehealth?

It can, although we find it’s often best in person. Some drive to Columbus and stay one night. This can help with not only getting a romantic getaway but better results with everyone in the same room.

What if we don’t like the format or don’t find it’s working?

Marathon therapy does require an upfront payment to hold your slot. A portion of your money can be refunded if you decide to leave early (it hasn’t happened yet).

What is the cost? Is it expensive?

The cost is $1,600. This is about half of what many people across the country charge. While we are not the Gottman’s, they charge $1000 an hour as a reference point. The cost includes a comprehensive assessment.

Are weekend appointments available?

Yes, weekend days can be blocked off specifically for this form of therapy.

Who are good candidates?

Good candidates are those who want to focus on small to medium issues like communication, sex and intimacy or to make a decent relationship fun again. Others may want to get through counseling as quickly as possible because of an emergency. This can be a good avenue for either type of those in the middle. If one person has their foot out the door and feels divorce is imminent, discernment counseling may be a better route.

Who is not a good candidate for marathon therapy?

While it’s rare to see one person walk out of a counseling office in the middle of a session, if you think this is a possibility, this is probably not a good choice. If the two of you can’t stand to be in the same room together, you may want to consider discernment counseling instead.

Will we need more counseling after intensive couples therapy?

You will likely need a couple of sessions to follow up, check in, and see what still needs work.

How long will it take to get scheduled?

Most couples can get in between 2-4 weeks (depending on the season and the couple’s availability). Some couples can make it happen within the same week.

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