New Service Offerings

Cardinal Point Counseling is pleased to offer new service opportunities. Existing clients can take advantage of these offerings, but do not lose out on or need to change anything they are already doing. This is as of 10/22/2022 and is subject (but not planned) to change in the future. Some of these are not new, but many of them are.

ServiceReasons to choose this optionReasons not to choose this optionFee
Free Initial Consultation– You have questions
– You want to find the right fit before spending money
– You want a more complicated scenario like an 8-session package
– You would rather call or email questions without an appointment
– You don’t have questions or don’t want to delay your first appointment
Initial Couples Session– Your first official session outside a consultation. An 85-minute session at $175 is appropriate to get to know you and begin helping you reach your goalsIt’s not your first session 🙂$175
Couples Counseling 85-minute Session– You have found that 50-minute sessions do not provide enough time
– You have a long drive
– You generally have plenty to discuss
– You want improvements to happen faster
– You want to save money on a per-minute basis
– You generally do not have a lot to discuss
– It’s cost prohibitive
– You can’t spare the extra time
– You find 60 minutes is enough
– May be overkill for monthly check-ins where things are generally going well
Couples Counseling 8, 85-minute session Package– You want to make a commitment and force yourself to stick with it*
– You are comfortable that your counselor is a good fit
– You have a reasonable number of things to discuss
– You want to save money on a per-session basis
– You want free access to the Gottman Checklist assessment

* Clients may decide to cancel unused sessions in writing for a fee of 15% of unused session times to cover card processing and refund fees and other processing fees. All payment is made upfront
– You have a single relatively simple issue such as communication
– You do not want to make a commitment
– You are not sure yet how much time you need
– You do not have the money to pay for 8 sessions upfront
Couples Counseling 50-minute session– For all of the reasons 85 minutes sessions may not be the best
– You are already using this option and it is working
– You find yourself running out of time or that 50 minutes isn’t enough
Pre-Marriage CounselingIntended for engaged couples, couples considering engagement, and for those whose primary objective is to talk about topics related to preventing future marriage or commitment problems.$125
Couples Coaching– Intended for out-of-state clients who want help with relationship issues
– The intent is not to treat mental health disorders but relationship issues
– You live in Ohio
– You want diagnosed mental health issues to be a focus
Individual Counseling– While working with the couple is preferred, sometimes both will not attend
– You want to discuss relationship issues without your partner
– You want to work on yourself as a means to improve the relationship
– Your intent is not to bash your partner, but to understand how to improve the relationship even if they won’t attend

– If your partner will attend with you most of the time, that typically works best
Discernment Counseling
85 minutes
At least one person has their foot out the door.
– At least one person is leaning toward divorce– Only intended for married or lifetime committed couples where one person has a reasonable consideration for divorce and the couple wants to make a decision whether couples counseling makes sense.$175
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