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The Mind-Body Connection is a Misnomer

I wish the mental health and associated communities could develop a better name than the mind-body connection. Scientists have thought for a while that the mind and body are not only connected but intertwined (Lando & Williams, 2006). The brain is part of the body. The brain controls all of the body. The body sends signals back to the brain. New studies indicate that gut health may impact our moods (Made, 2021). Muscles can tense up when the mind is distracted. All types of physical health issues have been linked to the mind.

Yoga and mindfulness are two of the best ways to integrate the mind and body (Keng, et al., 2011; Kirkwood et al., 2005). Through careful body movements and coordinated breathing, all kinds of benefits can come to the whole person. Mindfulness integrates breathing and present body awareness with focusing the mind on the present and not judging other thoughts that pass by. Thus, it is no longer a question of a mind-body connection but the degree to which mind and body and intertwined. If yoga and mindfulness are not part of your self-care practice, perhaps they are worth a try as part of holistic wellness treatment.

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