3 Reasons Younger Couples Often Benefit from Couples Counseling

young couple
  1. It is often more likely that you can remember your honeymoon phase

It is natural for couples to forget about when they first met and what attracted them to their partner. Couples can become complacent, and life can become routine. Sometimes, as couples are together longer, life gets more difficult, and they can take each other for granted while losing a positive perspective.

  • Younger couples are often both more open to counseling and talking about feelings

While indeed not a universal statement, younger couples are generally more open to counseling. They often feel less of a stigma. They are often more likely to seek help at the first sign of a problem. They are generally more comfortable talking about their feelings. Like dealing with a physical injury, the sooner people seek treatment and the more likely they are to do hard work to heal, the better their results. They may be willing to try or have tried pre-marriage counseling.

  • You may be less stuck in your ways

While people can change, there is some truth about teaching old dogs new tricks. Sometimes, younger couples are more open to trying new things and working on their relationship.

Older Couples can Certainly Benefit Too

Many older couples get great results from therapy too. Full disclosure is that sometimes it takes them longer, and success rates are lower than for younger couples. This isn’t always the case, however. Sometimes older couples have a stronger bond because they have lived through more challenging experiences together. Sometimes, they know each other better, have more inside jokes, and have a stronger friendship.