Feeling like you’ve reached the end of the road with your marriage? You’re not alone. We’re here to offer a hand and two options to help you figure things out.

First, think of it as a “time-out” with Discernment Counseling. It’s like taking a deep breath together to really understand what’s happening and if there’s a path back to “happily ever after.” It’s also a chance for your partner to see things from your perspective and vice versa.

If, after that, divorce feels like the right choice, we’re still here with you. We’ll help you make it as smooth as possible, offering both personal support and connections to awesome mediators and lawyers who are all about working things out peacefully. Think of us as your divorce cheerleaders, making sure you and your family stay top priority and avoid any nasty blow-ups. We’ll even help you deal with whatever rollercoaster emotions your ex takes you on – you’ve got this!

Remember, even if things feel rough right now, we’re here to guide you with kindness and a big dose of “you can do this” spirit. Let’s navigate this together, one step at a time.