I Want to Commit to Therapy


Not all couples come to counseling agreeing on the desired outcome.

In the event that your spouse has introduced the possibility of divorce into your conversations, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

If your partner is currently experiencing a lack of optimism regarding the marriage and is not particularly enthusiastic about embarking on couples therapy to navigate the way forward, Discernment Counseling emerges as a valuable and constructive option for both of you. It’s common for a spouse leaning towards the idea of separation to discover the benefits of this type of service, often expressing openness to participating in at least one session. Importantly, Discernment Counseling adopts a flexible approach—committing to one session at a time—allowing both of you to decide if you wish to continue with subsequent sessions.

What if Your Spouse Shows no Interest in Discernment Counseling?

Should your spouse express disinterest in Discernment Counseling, there is still ample opportunity for personal growth and self-improvement within the context of your marriage. I am more than willing to accompany you through these challenging and stressful times, with the hope that together we can guide your marriage to a point where your partner becomes receptive to engaging in couples’ work. Remember, the journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling relationship often begins with small, positive steps.

If your spouse is throwing out the divorce word, you’re in the right place.

If he or she is low on hope for the marriage and really not interested in couples therapy as a way to figure out what to do next, Discernment Counseling is likely the best path for both of you. Many times a leaning-out spouse is pleased to find this type of service and will be open to attending one session (we only commit to one session at a time). You both decide if you want to return.)

If your spouse is uninterested in Discernment Counseling, you still have a lot of work you can do on yourself to improve your marriage. I will be glad to walk with you through these terribly stressful times in the hope that we can get your marriage to a point where your spouse is open to couple’s work.