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Don’t Wait for the New Year to Start a Relationship Resolution

Happy Holidays Resolutions

Ever go to the gym the first week after the New Year? If you have, you have probably seen record crowds. Perhaps after a month, it dies down. The same can be true with couples counseling or relationship counseling. The New Year is a great time to make resolutions about your relationship, but mid-December is better. Why wait for the New Year, when appointment slots tend to fill up?

The Holidays Can be a Difficult Time

The holidays can also be a stressful time for many couples. For some, it’s a mixture of joy and stress. For some, it is the most depressing and difficult part of the year. Talking about relationship issues in the context of holidays or being proactive about holiday concerns is usually better than trying to process issues after they are over. It is not uncommon for couples to fight over extended family issues, paying for gifts, too much alcohol at holiday gatherings, or being cooped up in a house with little to do outside. Work stress may pile up as people try to complete a lot before leaving for a holiday break.

Early Resolutions are Becoming a Trend

For reasons mentioned above as well as others, early resolutions are becoming a trend. Why compete with so many other people who will wait for the New Year? Why not be proactive instead of reactive? Whether your resolutions relate to your relationship or other aspects of your life, it can be helpful to start early. New Year’s resolutions tend not to last, but starting early shows a commitment that is more likely to work (because it’s not just something you feel like you ‘should’ do) and you are more likely to stick with. Making resolutions like fighting less, or having more or better sex, or communicating better are more likely to succeed through a comprehensive couples counseling program.