Five Ways Exercise Can Help Your Relationship

Couple exercising

Exercise has so many benefits, and the benefits can come from mild exercise like taking a walk to more extreme exercise like a mud run or training for a marathon. If exercise isn’t enough or not for you, try couples counseling.

The following are five ways that exercise can help your relationship.

1. Exercise Can Give You and Your Partner Quality Time Together

Many couples choose to exercise together. It can be as simple as jogging or walking around the block and being present with one another. Some couples prefer to take fitness classes together. Other couples choose to push their physical limits to the max. Whatever the preferred method(s), doing something healthy for yourself while with your partner can help build a bond. The endorphins released during exercise give you a natural high that can strengthen your connection when experienced with you and your partner together. The feeling of accomplishment you share with your partner can also build a stronger bond.

2. Exercise Relieves Stress, Making Your Interactions More Positive

Exercise has been proven to relieve stress. It is hard to concentrate on other things that are bothering you when you are focused on exercise. Lower stress couples are happier couples and are more likely to interact more positively. Little things that may have otherwise bothered you or led to a fight are less likely to surface if your overall stress level is lower.

3. Exercise Gives You and Your Parner Something Healthy to Talk About

Pun intended, but a shared hobby like exercise can bring about positive discussion topics for couples who struggle to have healthy conversations. Talking about the next day’s routine, how you ran your best mile, or how you are glad you had someone push you to bundle up and walk together in the cold can all bring a couple closer together.

4. Exercise Can Help You Look and Feel Better

While this item may be shallow, getting in better shape can have positive effects from improving your self-esteem, feeling better, having more energy, and looking your best. No one is saying you need to obsess over exercise or weight loss (nor should you), but looking the way you want to can add a spark to the relationship. If you are already happy with your fitness level, you can still add more strength to protect your body as you age and feel more energy.

5. You Can Shower Together After a Workout Together

Reward yourself for working out by taking a shower together afterward. Enough said.