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How Important is Location and the Environment for Couples Counseling?

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Many factors may play into choosing a couples counseling or marriage counseling location. If you prefer videoconferencing or need the convenience it provides, the location can be anywhere in Ohio. Many couples find success through videoconferencing, while most prefer an in-person experience.

Choosing a Reasonable Distance for In-Person Visits

Some clients drive an hour and a half or more for the right fit. Often, these clients live in areas where there are few counselors. However, there may be plenty of choices for those who live in the Columbus, Ohio, area. Choosing a therapist who lives closest to you may not make sense for something as important as your relationship or marriage, but choosing someone within a reasonable distance may make sense. Some people also prefer to go somewhere where they won’t be seen by anyone they know (unfortunately, there is still a stigma).

Cardinal Point Counseling is located off of I-270 near Hilliard and Dublin, Ohio. We also have a counseling office in Cleveland, Ohio. Cardinal Point Counseling can be quickly reached from Upper Arlington, Worthington, Olentangy, Powell, New Albany, Plain City, Westerville, and Marysville. If you want Columbus, Ohio counseling and live in Columbus or surrounding areas, the office is not too far away. Telehealth is always an option for people who don’t want to drive too far.

Choosing the Right Office Environment

While choosing the right therapist is a primary concern, finding a place with a comfortable and accessible environment may be necessary to you. The office of Cardinal Point Counseling is located at a one-story building with accessibility for the disabled. In addition, onsite parking is ample and free.

While we don’t believe there is any reason to feel shame about going to Columbus, Ohio or Cleveland Ohio, couples counseling, the waiting rooms are shared between a large office building that houses all sorts of businesses. Sometimes couples are concerned about being seen in a waiting room. Still, the comfortable waiting area does not signify to anyone that you are coming to work on your marriage or relationship. Instead, you could be sitting near someone coming to work on their taxes or their finances or just about anything else.

While not the most critical factor, our office is private yet has plenty of window space looking over a well-landscaped area. The office itself is designed to be comfortable and calming. Friendly receptionists can help you find what you need.

While many factors go into finding the right marriage counselor in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, we have worked hard to see you in a convenient, private, and comfortable setting. But, again, for those who can’t make in-person visits, online counseling is always an option.