If Your Partner Upsets You, There’s a Good Chance it’s Accidental

Happy couple sunset

I do many stupid things. Not listening well enough. Being forgetful. Being oblivious. But not once have I ever woken up and thought I wanted to upset my wife. Sometimes there are just accidents or different perspectives. If your partner has made you angry, there is a good chance it wasn’t intentional. Most people don’t actually like upsetting their partner or having fights. While work can be done to decrease these accidents, sometimes having compassion and forgiveness is the answer. What may seem like an insensitive display may be more logical if a couple is able to calmly talk it out. Differences in how each partner was raised or differences in personality can lead to misunderstandings. Something that one partner finds offensive can be totally acceptable in the other’s culture. So the next time you assume your partner has tried to wrong you, perhaps you should take a moment to calm down and listen, and the problem may be easy to address or prevent in the future. Improving couples’ communication can also help remove possible misunderstandings. If issues can’t be worked out on their own, couples therapy may be a solution.