New Advances in Mental Health Treatment Could Help Relationships


Some people who come to couples counseling are experiencing stress, anxiety, or some depression. Going through tough times in a relationship can bring about these feelings. Being your best self can help you to be the best partner. Sometimes, too, people who aren’t in their best state think about ending their relationship. Perhaps this is a rational decision, or it would make more sense to get back to your baseline before making a decision.

Two newer treatments are Ketamine infusions and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). I’ll save the details of how these treatments work for doctors. Ketamine has been studied mainly for depression, but some studies indicate it may help with anxiety. Ketamine is a potent drug, but when administered in a controlled environment by professionals (e.g., OSU Hospital), some clients report outstanding results.

Other clients have reported excellent results from TMS. TMS has been described as an easier procedure than Ketamine, as Ketamine treatments may prevent a person from working that day (and you are told not to drive that day). TMS does not require any medications and requires the patient to sit or lay down as a device stimulates the brain through magnetism.

This blog is not designed to be an expert account of how Ketamine and TMS work. It is also not recommended that you try either of these treatments. Instead, it is designed to educate people that these treatments exist. Helping yourself can also help your relationship. To qualify, candidates often need to have one or more failed treatments (e.g., an anti-depressant(s) was not very effective and/or individual counseling did not work well). If you think these treatments are for you, you may want to contact your doctor or a center that administers these treatments.