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Stress and Anxiety Counseling

Do You Find it Difficult to Stop Worrying?

Sometimes worry can take over, and it is difficult to let go. If we keep thinking about a potential problem, we can be proactive and find all the ways to prevent it (we tell ourselves). Our brains perceive stress, anxiety, and worrisome potential events as they perceive them as if they are actually happening. And the actual events are typically not nearly as bad as our worries. Wouldn’t it be better to spend less time trying to rid ourselves of uncertainty and more time trying to tolerate uncertainty better? Negative thoughts can cause us to experience potential worst-case scenarios that are not rooted in evidence.

Does Anxiety Keep You From Being Who You Want to Be?

Anxiety can really hold people back. Social anxiety can reduce the number of friends and relationship opportunities someone has. Panic disorders and phobias can keep people away from activities they might otherwise enjoy. Generalized anxiety can make going through every day difficult. Anxiety can prevent people from gaining promotions or leading groups. Stress and anxiety can prevent you from being your true, best self.

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Anxiety and Depression are Often Mixed

People with long-term anxiety frequently become depressed. People with long-term depression often become anxious. These feelings are widespread in an increasingly complex and demanding world. Feeling depressed or anxious does not have to mean there is something wrong with you. We can provide counseling for anxiety and depression to lessen both symptoms.

Help and Hope are Available

There are many coping skills for anxiety. Practicing coping skills in a calm therapy office can help train you for when life gets rough in the real world. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can help with both anxiety and depression. Despite all the research supporting CBT, therapists need to be prepared for the reality that it won’t work for everyone. Sometimes you need a trusting and supportive ear. Adults, teens, and adolescents are welcome. Coping skills provide short-term relief, but getting to the root cause is important for longer-term success.

We also use Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This model can work exceptionally well and efficiently with mixed anxiety and depression. DBT can also help with OCD, ADHD, and PTSD. DBT incorporates strategic goal-setting, mindfulness, understanding of making meaning, emotional regulation, and learning distress tolerance, among other strategies.

Common Concerns

I am skeptical because I’ve tried counseling for anxiety elsewhere before. Still, the counselor did not make the conditions go away.

Perhaps there was not a good relationship fit. You may need to learn new techniques. Just because it failed once does not mean it will fail again, as clients have shown successful outcomes. If you didn’t have your heart in it before, being intentional about working hard to get better could also help you.

It seems like too many therapists have not worked in corporate America and may have difficulty relating to my career stress.

With 20 years of experience in corporate America, Aaron Engel can likely relate to your concerns. Downsizing, reorganizations, layoff, politics, unethical company conduct, unclear expectations, staff conflict, managing up, and working with members at all levels of an organization are all opportunities Aaron has had the chance to observe and experience in multiple professional roles (as well as a ton of positive career experiences).

I’m scared I’ll appear anxious in therapy.

Therapists understand that stress and anxiety are normal and are supportive and used to seeing these situations. However, sometimes getting over anxiety requires exposure to the situation feared most, and counseling offers a safe environment to experience gradual exposure.

Coping strategies have worked for me fine in the counselor’s office, but it is like I was never there as soon as I get home.

Coping strategies take personal practice. Any technique learned in a peaceful therapy session will be more challenging when the going gets tough at home. By practicing, the brain learns to make more helpful thinking and behaviors a habit. There becomes less of a need for a counselor to guide you. We aim to teach you the skills you need so that you no longer need counseling.

Can’t therapy be expensive?

Therapy is an investment in yourself and can potentially transform your life for the better. There are no commitments or packages to buy; clients can leave or switch therapists anytime.

Where can I find an anxiety therapist near me?

Cardinal Point Counseling is located near Dublin, Upper Arlington, and Hilliard. It can be accessed from Worthington, Westerville, and Powell relatively easily via I-270. Cardinal Point Counseling isn’t too far from anywhere in Columbus OH. Online telehealth appointments are available for anyone in Ohio. Our goal is for clients to say they had the “best anxiety counseling near me.” 

It is Easy to Schedule Anxiety Counseling in Columbus Ohio

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