Fifteen Ways Cardinal Point Counseling May Be Different

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Right or wrong, I often judge an organization by how well it does the little things. It may not show the worker’s skills, but it shows the attention and dedication of management. Attention to the small details tells me how well an organization will handle the big things (provided they don’t lose the forest for […]

Great Sailors Aren’t Made From Smooth Seas

Pre marriage

Relationships tend to start pretty well. Most long-term relationships start with at least one good date. They can be more casual, fun, and perhaps your primary concern is making sure your partner likes you, without taking a lot of time to think about whether you like them. You may spend a lot of time apart […]

Just Solve the Problem

Solve the problem

In my own experience and experience working with couples, I can’t recall a single case where a relationship was made stronger through excuses, defensiveness, or finger-pointing the other way. My first boss was very wise and his tagline was “just solve the problem.” Imagine going to a nice steakhouse to celebrate a milestone. You paid […]