What Defines Cheating?

Cheating and emotional affairs

When One Partner Feels Uneasy About the Other’s Friendship Couples often find themselves in murky waters when one partner feels uncomfortable about the other’s close friendship with someone who could potentially become a romantic interest. This can lead to heated arguments about the definition of cheating and whether physical contact is necessary for it to […]

Nurturing Relationships: A Friendly Dive into Gottman Interventions

Gottman couples therapy

Today, we’re going to embark on a heartwarming journey into the world of relationships, filled with love, understanding, and the magic touch of Gottman Interventions. If you’ve ever wondered how to sprinkle some extra pixie dust on your relationship or help others in their quest for lasting love, you’re in for a treat! So, what’s […]

Understanding Attachment Styles: The Key to Building Healthy Relationships

Attachment styles

Understanding attachment styles can provide valuable insights if you’ve ever wondered why some relationships thrive while others seem to be in constant turmoil. Attachment styles are patterns of emotional and behavioral responses formed in early childhood that influence the way we approach and navigate adult relationships. This article will delve into the different attachment styles […]

Title: The Vital Role of Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professionals in Sexual Health and Well-being

Sex therapy

Introduction In a society that is becoming increasingly open about discussing various aspects of human life, sexual health and well-being remain essential yet often overlooked topics. Certified sex therapy-informed professionals play a crucial role in addressing and enhancing individuals’ and couples’ intimate lives. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of certified sex therapy informed […]