Don’t Wait for the New Year to Start a Relationship Resolution

Happy Holidays Resolutions

Ever go to the gym the first week after the New Year? If you have, you have probably seen record crowds. Perhaps after a month, it dies down. The same can be true with couples counseling or relationship counseling. The New Year is a great time to make resolutions about your relationship, but mid-December is […]

How Important is Location and the Environment for Couples Counseling?

Left side of office

Many factors may play into choosing a couples counseling or marriage counseling location. If you prefer videoconferencing or need the convenience it provides, the location can be anywhere in Ohio. Many couples find success through videoconferencing, while most prefer an in-person experience. Choosing a Reasonable Distance for In-Person Visits Some clients drive an hour and […]

I Need You To Fix My Partner

Fix my partner

The statement “I need you to fix my partner” comes up in couples counseling more than you might think. It is much easier for us to see faults in others than in ourselves. I have not seen a couple where one person was perfect, and the other was entirely flawed. Some couples are competitive and […]

It’s all about Relationships


Today, former Ohio State legendary coach Urban Meyer was fired partway through his first year in the National Football League. Indeed, his team wasn’t winning much, but they were winless last year and showing some improvement. The issue that seems to have caused the firing is poor relationships with players and staff. The Same Factors […]

Why Time is the Most Important Thing to Invest in a Relationship

Overall duration time depends on the client

Do your values match your actions? When many people are asked what is most important to them, they will say “their relationship,” or “their marriage” or “their family.” What is often discovered in counseling is that people feel like this “should” be the most important part of life, but many people do not follow what […]