The Gottman Method for Couples Therapy

Gottman couples therapy or Gottman couples counseling

Why Gottman Therapy?

Dr. John Gottman, with the help of his wife Dr. Julie Gottman concluded forty-five years ago that there was a large gap between the importance of marriage and the lack of research concerning what makes marriage and relationships work. His years of research found proven methods to help relationships thrive (although results cannot be guaranteed for everyone). John and his wife, Dr. Julie Gottman, continue to research and teach healthy relationship principles as part of their Gottman Institute.

The Gottman Method of couples therapy or Gottman couples therapy builds upon this research and experience to produce interventions that work for many couples, including high-functioning couples. The process starts with a relationship checkup, a comprehensive assessment to discover where a relationship stands and what areas need the most work. We also offer Gottman self help tools.

Typical Relationship Issues Helped by a Gottman Therapist

Typical relationship issues such as communication problems, disagreements over finances, handling conflict, creating shared dreams and meaning, and handling the aftermath of a fight can be addressed. Couples may learn to reunderstand each other and be involved in one another’s daily lives. Ways to improve romance and develop healthier sex lives may be discussed. Cardinal Point Counseling uses a common of Gottman interventions and other marriage counseling best practices to give you an individualized counseling experience. There is a Gottman infidelity method for handling affairs.

Others may need help coping with abuse or infidelity. If there is a common relationship problem, chances are the Gottman’s have an antidote. The available interventions are so vast are well-developed that a blog post cannot do them justice. If you are interested in couples counseling using the Gottman method or parts of the Gottman method, contact Cardinal Point Counseling.

We Combine the Gottman Method with Emotionally Focused Therapy

Even John Gottman and Julie Gottman recommend Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). They share many tenants such as the importance of friendship and connection and work well together to provide the two most scientifically backed methods of couple counseling. The Gottman Method and EFT utilize or inform effective and evidence-based couples counseling interventions.