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Top 5 Reasons to Try Counseling This Summer

Summer couple


      1. It’s traditionally a less busy time.

    The summer months are often the least busy of the year. Perhaps couples and individuals are happier with more sunshine. On the other hand, maybe the summer is busy with vacations or kid’s activities. Regardless, more potential popular slots are available if your summer is more open.


        1. Saturday hours have been extended in Columbus, Ohio

      Many people ask for Saturday appointments, but those are often the first to fill. Summer Saturday hours are now from 8 AM – 4 PM. Those who cannot get away from work during the week now have more opportunities to make an appointment.


          1. Therapy is more effective when couples are higher functioning and happier.

        It’s a fact that many people are happier when the sun is out, and they can be active outside. This can lead to happier relationships and individual lives. You are more likely to have positive results working on your relationship if you do so when you aren’t in crisis or as more of a preventative measure.


            1. Family vacations and breaks can sometimes be more stressful than rewarding

          Although many couples and families look forward to the summer months for vacations. Planning and taking these trips can lead to arguments and conflict for some couples. Some couples benefit from just a couple of sessions to help them have the best vacation.

          Sometimes more time together and busier lives due to sports, activities, cookouts, and holidays strain a relationship.


              1. So you are already in a good place when school resumes

            Once kids go back to school, parents often experience a lot of stress and relationship struggles. Getting some assistance over the summer with Columbus, Ohio, marriage counseling or couples counseling can help create a healthier start to the new school year. Couples who do this can be prepared with tools for when life gets more complicated.

            Okay, so maybe this is the sixth reason, but five just makes for a better title. Summer is often wedding season, and if you haven’t tried pre-marriage counseling, the opportunity is there. June is also a good time to celebrate diversity, and we welcome diverse clients. So many couples who have been married for a long time and have struggles tell me if they just would have had some counseling sessions before marriage, their marriage would have gone a lot better. Individual counseling for trauma, grief, chronic illness, and pain, depression, and anxiety.