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You Don’t Need to “Need” Couples Counseling

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Some couples come to counseling where one person feels like they “don’t really need it.” The good news is, the less you really need it, the faster you can get help and the more likely you are to be successful. The average couple waits six years after the start of serious problems to get help. It’s easy to put an ointment on a leg infection, it’s really difficult and painful to amputate. The people who go to the gym most often are probably the people who “need” to go to the gym the least. That is why they don’t “need” to go. Counseling works best when it’s preventative or occurs at the first sign of a problem. A two-day intensive called marathon therapy can be a great option as well.

Married couples who have not gone through pre-marital counseling can especially benefit. While there are good resources out there, few people are intentional about how to navigate the most important aspect of their life. For most people, it’s just about doing what they saw their parents do. When both members of a couple had good role models, it can still present conflict, as what was modeled was probably not all the same.

Some people think there has to be an affair or a looming divorce to seek help. Many couples can greatly improve their lives just by learning better ways to communicate. Couples can learn to have better intimacy. Surprisingly, some couples have never really discussed long-term goals and whether they are on the right path to reach them.

The best results from a massage can come when your muscles are already pretty relaxed. If you are really tight, it may take several long sessions to loosen things back up. If you wait for a car accident to see a chiropractor, you may be missing out on the benefits of some small adjustments.