January 2022

Divorce recommendation

Do You Ever Recommend Divorce?

This is a question that impacts how many marriage therapists choose to practice. I will admit that my personal bias is to keep couples together. At the same time, I believe counselors have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep their biases out of therapy. Examples of therapists showing their biases could be those who …

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Interesting Facts About Affairs

According to Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute, there are various factors related to affairs that may persuade someone to think about committing infidelity from doing so. The number of people who have affairs is up for a lot of debate. Many studies have two partners in a room and ask them if either has …

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Affair infidelity

Obsession After an Affair

Finding out about your partner’s infidelity can cause shocks that can at least temporarily break all trust. In some cases, PTSD-like symptoms can emerge. The natural thing to do is follow up with frequent checks of your partner’s email, internet history, phone bills, etc. Whether this is a good idea depends on your unique situation …

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