Are Phones Harming Your Relationship?

Couple distracted by phones during therapy, crisis in relationships

Phone use can harm relationships in a few ways:

    • Distraction and inattention: Constantly checking phones or being glued to social media can make you seem disinterested and unavailable to your partner. This can be especially hurtful if you’re spending time together and they feel like their phone is getting more attention than them. This behavior is sometimes called “phubbing” (phone snubbing), and studies have shown it can lead to lower relationship satisfaction.
    • Comparison and jealousy: Social media can be a breeding ground for comparison and jealousy. Seeing other people’s seemingly perfect lives can make you feel insecure about your own relationship.
    • Stress and anxiety: The constant barrage of notifications and the pressure to stay connected can be stressful and lead to anxiety. This can take a toll on your mental health and your relationships.
    • Reduced intimacy: Spending too much time on your phone can take away from face-to-face interaction and physical intimacy with your partner.

If you’re concerned about how your phone use is affecting your relationships, there are steps you can take to cut back. Here are a few tips:

    • Put your phone away during meals and quality time with your partner.
    • Turn off notifications or silence your phone.
    • Designate certain times for checking your phone.
    • Talk to your partner about your concerns and set boundaries together.


And don’t forget about social media comparisons. Many couples get the wrong idea when they see carefully posed pictures of others that may not represent their true happiness. Social media allows people to share the best parts of their relationship while hiding what may be going wrong.