5 Reasons to Use a Male Couples Counselor

Men's issues and Men in therapy

Men are often hesitant to try marriage counseling or couples counseling. However, the following are five reasons why using a male marriage counselor may be beneficial. Additionally, check out other considerations for choosing a Columbus, Ohio couples counselor.

1. Many men are more comfortable talking with a male marriage therapist

Right or wrong, many clients admit that the guy in the couple is afraid that a non-male counselor with side with their partner. They are often worried that it will be two against one. They are scared they won’t be understood. Conversely, many women are more open to using a counselor of either gender.

2. Some guys are afraid a female counselor will not be able to relate to them.

Again, not saying this is true, but it is a common perception I hear. Some men are afraid that a female counselor will not understand their perspective as a male, even if they are non-biased. Some men are afraid that counseling will be too expressive and aren’t comfortable or used to opening up right away.

3. Women who can’t get their partner to come with them can benefit from hearing a male perspective

Some women comment that even though they attend therapy to talk about their relationship on their own (because their partner will not attend), they benefit from hearing the male perspective. Sometimes, women can better understand their partner by understanding how many guys think.

4. Many men perceive that a male counselor will focus more on logic

It is essential to talk about the head, the heart, the gut, and the groin (Glass, 2003). This means that logic, emotion, intuition, and sexual energy play into a healthy relationship (Glass, 2003). While a stereotype that isn’t always true, some men prefer a focus on the logic behind relationship decisions.

5. Some men prefer a more structured approach

While any counselor can use a structured approach, I use the Gottman method where desired by the couple. The Gottman method is a relatively structured approach based on significant evidence. However, many men comment that they get more out of a structured process than showing up and talking. If less structure works for you, that is fine too.

The choice of a couples therapist is up to you. Read further for additional tips on finding a relationship advisor. Gender can be an essential deciding factor in choosing a marriage counselor. Perhaps a female counselor makes more sense to you. Still, there are many benefits to working with a male relationship counselor. Cardinal Point Counseling allows you to work with a male marriage counselor near you.