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Is Your Relationship Not What It Used to Be?

Is the chemistry you once felt gone? Additionally, do you spend more time fighting than getting along? Moreover, have there been thoughts of separation? Perhaps, one or both partners has been unfaithful? Furthermore, are finances and arguments over money a concern? These and other questions are common. It is normal for romance to dwindle over time, but many couples wait until they are already in a bad place to try couples counseling (but it’s never too late). Also, many couples struggle with communication, but there is often more behind communication difficulties than just communication. Additionally, relationships can become more challenging and more rewarding as time passes. Individual marriage counseling appointments may be appropriate for you. We offer pre-marital counseling, and many couples prefer to be proactive (the best time for couples counseling is before you need it; the second best time is now).

Are you tired of feeling stuck in a relationship that lacks joy and fulfillment? Do you long for a happier future with your partner but aren’t sure how to get there? Look no further than Columbus, Ohio, Marriage Counseling at Cardinal Point Counseling, the key to unlocking the potential for transformation in your relationship. We dedicate ourselves to helping couples reignite the spark, rebuild trust, and create a solid foundation for a lasting and fulfilling partnership.. Our evidence-based approach combines the latest research in psychology with years of experience helping couples overcome their challenges.

Through individual and couples therapy sessions, we provide a safe and supportive space for open communication, understanding, and growth. Don’t let the strains of everyday life take a toll on your relationship. Take that first step towards a happier future today by scheduling a session for Columbus, Ohio, marriage counseling. Together, we can help you navigate the obstacles and create the fulfilling relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

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For couples therapy to work, it typically requires each person to work on themselves and the relationship (and not just try to “fix” the partner). It goes both ways.

It is Normal for the Spark to Go Away

Are you feeling more like roommates than partners? It’s a common experience as relationships evolve over time. When couples first fall in love, their brains are filled with bliss and the little annoyances seem insignificant. But as days turn into years, those once cute habits can become major sources of contention. And if you have kids, the joy of having a larger family also brings added stress to your relationship.

In such challenging times, some couples may even resort to cheating, especially given the ease provided by the internet and people spending more time outside the home for work. However, there is hope! A marriage therapist in Columbus, Ohio are here to help address these concerns and guide you toward rekindling that spark in your relationship.

Remember, it’s never too late to seek professional assistance and work on building a stronger connection with your partner. Reach out to our marriage therapist in Columbus today for support!

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“Love is everything it’s cracked up to be… It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, your risk is even greater.”

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There Is Hope for Couples

We’re proud to offer the Gottman Method, a research-based approach backed by over 45 years of study. When combined with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Ellyn Bader’s Developmental Model, and other techniques, we create a personalized approach just for you. We understand that simply talking through problems may not be enough without utilizing a proven methodology.

However, the most vital aspect is the therapeutic relationship you build with your counselor. We believe in creating a safe and supportive space where you can openly express yourselves. Even couples on the verge of divorce can benefit from discernment counseling. These methods have helped many couples repair their relationships and rediscover what they once had.

Our sessions focus on improving communication and interaction skills, understanding each other’s perspectives, rebuilding trust, finding ways to repair after conflicts, rekindling romance, and learning how to compromise. It’s about getting to know one another again in a positive light.

If you’re feeling disconnected or stuck in your relationship, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for you every step of the way on your journey towards revitalizing your connection.

“Studies show that, in the hands of a good counselor, marriage counseling is successful 70 – 80% of the time”
William Doherty, PhD, LCSW

Couples on the Brink of Divorce

In some couples, one or more members may have at least one foot out the door. About 30% of couples who come to counseling are in a scenario where one person wants to stay in a marriage or lifetime commitment, and the other is leaning out the door. This special type of therapy differs from traditional couples counseling and deals with couples with mixed agendas. Discernment Counseling is usually what is called for under this scenario. Discernment Counseling is one to five sessions and is about helping you make an informed and confident decision to either keep things as they are, divorce or separate or put divorce off the table for a while as you both commit to working as hard as you can and promising to each other to attend longer-term couple therapy.

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Common Couples Counseling Fears

Many folks realize that their relationship might have a few quirks or room for growth, but the idea of couples therapy can seem a bit intimidating or even scary. It’s like treating a physical injury – the sooner you address it, the better the chances of healing. Just like preventative care can reduce the likelihood of future issues, taking a proactive approach to relationships can work wonders. And we get it; taking that first step, scheduling an appointment (and showing up :)), can be the toughest part. But hey, within about four sessions, most couples can tell if it’s making a positive difference.

Common Fear – Talking Will Make Things Worse

Let’s address a common fear – that talking about problems will only make things worse. That’s why we kick off with communication strategies and relationship education early on. The first session is all about celebrating the strengths of your relationship and understanding your goals. No need to worry about getting overwhelmed with a deep dive into your past or bombarded with assessments right away. However, if you’re curious, there’s an assessment ($39) from the Gottman Institute that can help identify your relationship’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and suggest specific interventions. This assessment is backed by over 45 years of research. Also, it’s usually a good idea to have at least one individual meeting early on for some uninterrupted time to share your story.

Now, the duration of therapy can vary based on your needs, but for optimal results, it usually falls within the range of 6-20 sessions (yeah, there’s quite a range). Some couples might need less (like pre-marriage counseling or discernment counseling), while others might take a bit longer – up to a year – to fully heal. The key is to go at a pace that feels right for you and your relationship.

While it’s best if your partner goes with you, click to view information about individual relationship counseling if they won’t.

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