Emotionally focused therapy

Breaking Free from the Push-Pull: Understanding the Pursuer-Distancer Cycle

Have you ever felt like you’re constantly chasing after your partner’s affection, only to be met with withdrawal or emotional distance? Or maybe you’re the one who craves space, feeling suffocated by your partner’s need for closeness? If so, you might be caught in the pursuer-distancer cycle, a common dynamic that can leave both partners […]

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Black history month

Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a time to honor the immense contributions of Black Americans throughout history and acknowledge their ongoing fight for equality and justice. This year, let’s also shine a light on a crucial aspect of well-being often overlooked: mental health within the Black community. The journey of Black Americans is woven with

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Engagement counseling near me

What is Marital Doubt?

Many folks tend to keep their marriage doubts to themselves, and it’s not uncommon to worry about whether the relationship will endure. It can be a bit scary to think about, especially when seeking advice that might lead to unhelpful suggestions like “just listen to your inner voice” or “make a pros and cons list!”

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Cheating and emotional affairs

What Defines Cheating?

When One Partner Feels Uneasy About the Other’s Friendship Couples often find themselves in murky waters when one partner feels uncomfortable about the other’s close friendship with someone who could potentially become a romantic interest. This can lead to heated arguments about the definition of cheating and whether physical contact is necessary for it to

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