Spark & Connection: How Sex Therapists Help You Rethink Desire and Intimacy

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Let’s face it, sex can get complicated. Desire can ebb and flow, communication can get stuck, and past experiences can linger. But what if there was a way to reignite the spark and create a more fulfilling sex life? Enter sex therapy – a space free from judgment where you can explore these challenges and […]

Summer Saturday Hours

Summer Hours

With summer coming up, Cardinal Point Counseling will be adding Saturday counseling sessions. Stay tuned, as one weekday will probably be closed, as I need family time, too. Saturday sessions will cost $25 more per session since this is a premium time and not my ideal time. The goal is to accommodate those who can […]

Beyond Check-Ins: Assessment is Ongoing

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While the initial intake session lays the groundwork for therapy, assessment, and information gathering don’t stop there (and I typically don’t ask a bunch of structured questions all at once). Instead, at Cardinal Point Counseling, assessment, and intake are ongoing processes that evolve throughout your work with a therapist. Rather than typing answers to common […]

The Best Time for Counseling is Before You Need it: The Second Best Time is Now

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In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, it’s all too easy to brush aside our mental health and emotionalwell-being. However, waiting until things spiral out of control is detrimental to our overall happinessand can have long-lasting effects on our lives. That’s where early counseling comes in. By seekingprofessional help at the first signs of trouble, we […]

Couples’ Issues with Texting

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The lack of tone in texts makes misinterpretations easy. A rushed response might seem harsher than intended, or someone in a bad mood might take a message the wrong way. Fights that erupt over text can quickly spiral, with things said that wouldn’t fly face-to-face. In my experience, texting is best for quick updates or […]