How Men Can Benefit From Therapy

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Men Generally Seek Therapy Less than Women

It’s not a secret that men seek counseling less often than women. As a man, I get it. I would admittedly rather talk about football or outdoor adventures than my feelings. Many of us had fathers who kept to themselves and taught us to figure out our own problems. We are supposed to be tough against adversity, right? To pull ourselves up by our bootstraps? The reality is that life can be hard at times for everyone. Bottling up problems to appear strong can sometimes lead to an unhealthy expression of anger. All men feel too. Men can be negatively impacted by stress, anxiety, and depression. It is part of being human and can weigh on us. In fact, men are almost four times as likely as women to commit suicide.

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Seeking Therapy is a Sign of Strength

The good news is that seeking a confidential person to talk to is a sign of strength rather than weakness. Who is tougher than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who recently came forward to talk about his battles with depression? Former quarterback great Steve Young has written a book about his lifelong struggles with anxiety. See the post on 5 reasons for men to attend therapy with a male counselor. If you want to get the maximum benefit, you have to be strong enough to address your fears.

COVID-19 hasn’t made things any easier. Isolation may be needed for our physical health, but all people need an outlet for their mental health. Economic impacts of the pandemic have also given men a need to seek assistance. The cold, dark winter months, coupled with a pandemic can present yet another challenge. Seeking therapy doesn’t mean you’re crazy; life could be better for you. Unique men’s issues can be a reason for counseling. Consider reading about how to suggest marriage counseling.

While therapy is about feelings, it can also be about problem-solving and goal-setting. Those experienced in counseling men can make it a comfortable and positive experience (but sometimes there are challenging moments too). Many men’s issues can be discussed more comfortably with a male therapist. Many of the men I see in therapy are referred by their wives or partners and would not have had the courage to sign up on their own. They become grateful for receiving the push they need.