How Will Post-Pandemic Life Affect Relationships?


The COVID Pandemic

For some, the COVID-19 pandemic brought couples closer together. For others, it really challenged the relationship. With more people working from home, staying inside, and not attending events that typically brought couples together, the strain has been real for many couples.

For some couples, the pandemic has taught them that they have some work to do before retirement. It is common for couples to have a healthy relationship while working and having some separation, but then to retire and realize they are seeing too much of one another and need some individual activities. COVID helped couples realize that even the best relationships may benefit from space.

Some Positives

On the positive, the pandemic helped some couples connect due to more time together. Some couples learned they do not need fancy dinners out (although they do not hurt) or spend a lot of money to have fun together. The opportunity for more communication was important for some.

The pandemic also brought out underlying issues for many couples that were behind the surface and were forced to the forefront. It has been helpful in many ways in letting couples know what their issues are and what needs work. Now that numbers are going down, consider the relationship benefits of exercise.