Top 10 Signs Marriage Counseling is Working

Marriage counseling working

Improved Communication: One of the first signs that marriage counseling is working is improved communication between partners. Couples who were once unable to effectively express their thoughts and feelings are now able to have open and honest conversations without fear of judgment or criticism.

Who Needs Discernment Counseling?

Discernment counseling

Couples experiencing high conflictDiscernment counseling is particularly useful for couples who are experiencing high levels of conflict and are unsure about whether they want to continue with their relationship. This type of counseling can help them gain clarity about their feelings and make a decision about the future of their relationship.

Marriage isn’t Over Until it’s Over

Marriage and divorce

It’s commonly believed that when people enter the legal divorce process, they have come to accept that divorce is inevitable. Even therapists and lawyers tend to assume that once divorce papers are filed, ambivalence about divorcing is over. The only task ahead is to help couples have a constructive end to their marriage.  Recent research […]

Five Common Premarital Counseling Questions


Premarital counseling is not just for the engaged. Engaged couples can often benefit from working together before they get married, but some people think it’s only necessary when there are problems in your relationship that need fixing or reworking – which might happen! Some common reasons why you may want to go through this process […]

The Three Person Couples Counseling Team

Couples counseling as a team

Couples counseling with Cardinal Point Counseling is a team effort between the couple and your counselor. Different clients go into counseling with differing expectations of how the interaction should work. Sometimes opinions are cultural, with members of some cultures wanting someone to take charge and tell them what to do fully. Others come into counseling […]