What if Valentines Day Didn’t Go Well?

Valentines day

Society places a lot of pressure on having the perfect, most romantic Valentine’s day. While some view Valentine’s day as a Hallmark holiday, others put a lot of importance on having a great holiday. As a marriage counselor, I see both sides. Some couples decide that they don’t want their relationship happiness to be dictated but what they see as an arbitrary holiday. Others use the opportunity to improve the relationship and add more romance.

While Valentine’s Day can serve as a reminder to make time for romance, a day that doesn’t live up to expectations does not doom your relationship. Maybe you were lucky enough to get a great romantic dinner reservation and end the night with fantastic sex. But perhaps one of you had to work late, or you weren’t in the best mood on this particular occasion.

The good news is you don’t need a national holiday to add more romance to your relationship. You may even get extra points from your partner if you plan something romantic when it is not expected. Couples counseling in Columbus, Ohio, can help you if romance has been dwindling for some time or you want more ideas. Also, if you were lucky enough to have a great Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you should wait for next year to be romantic. Either way, it is only one day that does not have to define your relationship.

But it Could Be a Sign of Deeper Relationship Issues

If Valentine’s Day was not what you expected, it could signify deeper issues. Maybe your relationship needs more love and respect. This could be especially true if you have been having problems for a while. If your relationship or marriage needs work, it is unlikely to be fixed by even the best Valentine’s Day. Most couples wait six years after signs of moderate to severe problems before seeking help. Many couples buy books, such as those on the Gottman Method, to make things better. This approach may work for some, but for most people, they sit on a shelf, are challenging to put into continued practice, or things regress over time. Sometimes marriage counseling near Columbus, Ohio, is what people need to complete the picture.