You Are Bored in a Relationship, What Does That Mean?

Bored in relationship lost interest marriage counseling

As life gets more challenging and time-consuming, putting effort into a relationship can become more and more difficult. It is normal for couples to take one another for granted. COVID can make important activities like weekly date nights more and more difficult as people are asked to stay in their homes. Boredom can come from not creating rituals of connection like time alone together or time for intimacy.

If you have been in a relationship for a while and it no longer has the spark it used to, that is normal. Relationships take work, and changes such as having kids, extended family issues, providing parental care, increased work demands, and busy schedules can push relationship work to the background. You may be a hard-working professional who is only happy when on the go, and need more action and adventure in your relationship. Read more about working couples and the need for therapy. If you are planning to get married or commit to a lifelong relationship, premarital therapy may be just what you need.