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3 Reasons Younger Couples Often Benefit from Couples Counseling

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It is natural for couples to forget about when they first met and what attracted them to their partner. Couples can become complacent, and life can become routine. Sometimes, as couples are together longer, life gets more difficult, and they can take each other for granted while losing a positive perspective. While indeed not a […]

How Important is Location and the Environment for Couples Counseling?

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Many factors may play into choosing a couples counseling or marriage counseling location. If you prefer videoconferencing or need the convenience it provides, the location can be anywhere in Ohio. Many couples find success through videoconferencing, while most prefer an in-person experience. Choosing a Reasonable Distance for In-Person Visits Some clients drive an hour and […]

How Will Post-Pandemic Life Affect Relationships?


The COVID Pandemic For some, the COVID-19 pandemic brought couples closer together. For others, it really challenged the relationship. With more people working from home, staying inside, and not attending events that typically brought couples together, the strain has been real for many couples. For some couples, the pandemic has taught them that they have […]